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About Us

The main focus of Mosaic Yarn Studio is instruction. We have classes ranging from beginning to expert running 7 days a week, mornings and evenings. The MYS staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Our goal is to continue on our way to becoming a celebrated fiber arts design school, and we know that excelling at customer service and instruction is the key.

Meet our Staff:

  Darlene Joyce

With a background in fashion design and an Illinois Teaching certificate, owner Darlene Joyce set out to make her dream a reality. 27
years later and still going strong, Mosaic Yarn Studio is a result of hard work, creative engineering and persistence.

Darlene has been teaching knitting classes since 1992 and has a strong following of loyal students. Although she is responsible for
paying the bills and keeping the shop in order, her favorite part of owning the shop is her students and her staff. She loves sharing her excitement for knitting and relishes in her students accomplishments.

Darlene has been published in Cast OnSocks, Socks, Socks and Interweave Knits and has taught numerous workshop for knitting      guilds and for many shops.


Georg Luxton 

Georg is a retired art teacher that has been with Mosaic since 2004. Fiber has been her “thing” ever since she can remember. She enjoys all fiber techniques but weaving is her favorite.

June Sorensen 
June was taught to knit by her mother and grandmother, both wonderful knitters.  It wasn’t until she began working at Mosaic in 2005, however, that she became an adventurous knitter – willing to try any pattern or technique, especially if Darlene dares her to! June loves working with charts, loves color work, and is known to work on multiple projects at one time.  These days, knitting for her grandchildren makes her smile!

Kate Joyce

Kate first learned to knit as a senior in high school when Darlene and June taught a group how to knit premie hats for a service project. She's been knitting ever since! Kate is all about chunky yarn and quick knits. She loves teaching Beginning Knitters and introducing them to this amazing fiber art. Kate is an avid reader and often listens to audiobooks while knitting! 

Jessie Swift

Jessie has been crocheting for as long as she can remember. In 2018, she learned how to knit at Mosaic and hasn't stopped since. She also dabbles in dying yarn. When she isn't playing with yarn, she like to spend her time hiking. She started at Mosaic in 2024. You can see her at the shop on Saturdays. Her goal is to show that sweaters can be crocheted! 

Julie Davidson

Julie learned to knit after she discovered there was such a thing as a "Yarn Studio".  It was love at first knit.  And that was is in
2005.  Having worked in healthcare management, she learned that patience is a virtue.  Working at the shop is a dream come
true for her love of "YARN".  

Nora Berendt

A former librarian, Nora learned to crochet in 2007.  After taking numerous MYS classes, she recently took the plunge into knitting,
then began working at Mosaic. In addition to beautiful yarn, Nora loves music, biking and hiking the mountains of Montana.

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