Intermediate Knitting/Crocheting (Saturday Mornings)

You will learn more advanced techniques of your choice. For example, you can choose a simple cabled sweater pattern, a fair isle pattern, an intarsia pattern-the choice is yours! This class can be taken again and again and again...

The World's Simpliest Mitten (Tin Can Knits)

Sometimes winter catches you by surprise and you need a pair of mittens, quick! These are a perfect quick knit or a blank canvas for mitten fun!

Using Stitch Dictionaries (Crochet)

Learn how to use a stitch dictionary to plan a scarf, cowl or baby blanket. Students will learn about yarn and hook selection, gauge and how to calculate stitch multiples to get the desired size. Darlene designed the Vibrations Cowl and the Azalea Cowl (see free pattern on page 7) from this book. Book required: Basic Crochet Stitch. Please purchase from MYS. Bring a variety of hooks.

Dec 16
Beginning Knitting
Dec 17
Intermediate Knitting/Crocheting (Monday Afternoons)
Dec 18
Intermediate Knitting/Crocheting (Tuesday Afternoons)

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