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Cables Volume 1: The Basics

by Janet Szabo

Cables are the peripatetic stitches of the knitting world. Not content to stay in one place, they travel here, they travel there, and the journey is anything but boring. Take a trip of your own! Join Janet on a tour through the Land of Cables. It's a big country, and this book is the first of a series which will guide you to the popular tourist sites as well as lead you to those off-the-beaten-path locations. Like any good travel guide, this book contains suggestions for all kinds of adventurers. Knitters new to cables will find detailed photos for each cabling technique, and wonder why they ever thought cables were "difficult." Intermediate knitters can use any of the over 200 stitch patterns—both charted and written—in their own projects. Knitters looking for a challenge will find lots of ideas for further exploration and a guide to designing original stitch patterns. Pack your knitting bag and let's head off on a cabling adventure!

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