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Crazyshot Companion Charted Designs for Overshot Weaving on the Rigid Heddle Loom

Crazyshot - creative overshot weaving - introduced weavers to a whole new world of creative weaving on a rigid heddle loom using just one heddle and one pick-up stick.

Crazyshot Companion contains over 100 charted designs, along with complete instructions for incorporating them into your Crazyshot projects. You’ll also find ways to combine or modify charts, to add color, or to translate traditional weaving drafts for use with the Crazyshot technique.

Included are a couple of handy “recipes” for a scarf and a mug rug to weave with any of the charts within this book. You can also use any of the projects from Crazyshot and substitute your own designs.

These charted designs are also suitable for any needlework or yarn craft that uses simple gridded charts.

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