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Rosewood Set- Squirrel Needlecraft

-Multi-color silk bag is a mix of contingent colors.
-In a set of 11, the crochet hooks are 6 inch long and come in all sizes ranging from D to M.  
-All hooks are carved from a variety of hard and soft woods based upon customers’ requests. 
-The hooks are then smoothly sanded and varnished with a light coat of high-gloss sealant to ensure durability.  
-Only high quality woods and varnishes are used to best reflect the beauty of the wood grain and its natural color.

    Superior characteristics of Squirrel's handmade needlecraft products :  

    • Hard
    • Straight
    • Well finished
    • Exactly sized

    Squirrel's finely crafted knitting needles and crochet hooks are environmentally friendly, safe, recycled and compostable

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