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Emma’s Yarn was started by Emma, a then 15 year-old home-schooled student who was simply completing a math lesson when she fell in love with dyeing yarn. It all started when she dyed a small batch of yarn for fun when learning about ratios in her math class.

From then on, she just couldn’t get enough! Emma now divides her time between being a dedicated high school student, a beautiful dancer, and an amazing indie dyer. Emma’s sister, Aspen, has just graduated from college with a degree in Anthropology and has joined her sister in dyeing and developing Emma’s Yarn full time.

With a family of knitters and weavers with entrepreneurial minds and a passion for color, Emma’s Yarn quickly went from a creative school lesson to a family-run, lots of fun dye studio located in Winter Haven, Florida. 

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Boo-Yah Cowl Kits



Haunted House MKAL kits (Emma's Yarns)



Mo Slub



Cooma Cowl Kit (knit or crochet) (Emma's Yarn)



Florida Road Trip Mystery



Kairos Shawl & Cowl (Emma's Yarns)


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