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Sue and her daughter Margaret started raising suri alpacas because they saw what suri at its finest was like! As soft as the finest cashmere and took dye like silk! Margaret and Sue had always had a passion for fine fibers and colors!

They have been a woman-owned company since 2001. They produce the finest luxury suri alpaca yarns available! They do that by having bred a herd of suri alpacas that are one of the finest in the US. They were determined to buy any additional suri and wool from US raisers, to process our yarns only in the US, in Hastings, MN at Rach-Al-Paca Fiber Processing, and to dye the yarns with virtually no environmental impact here on the farm in Lester Prairie, MN. They even recycle the dye water!
Suri alpaca is the rarer, more lustrous alpaca fleece. Not all suri is the same just as all wool is not the same. We have done careful breeding and research to produce a herd of the finest suris, at the same time searching for the finest wool to blend with the suri. The result is heaven in your hands! We believe everyone deserves to enjoy the finest suri, called by the Incans “the fiber of the gods”!

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Suri Delight

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