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Easel Weaver Kit (Schacht)

Size: 6 inch

Price:  $ 58.00 
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Size: 8 inch

Price:  $ 61.00 
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Size: 10 inch

Price:  $ 64.00 
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Be ready to have fun from your first project to forever. Schacht's sturdy little Easel Weaver tapestry frame loom kit has all the equipment you'll need. Just add warp thread and yarn bits for weft. The Easel Weaver while being a basic frame loom operationally, has advantageous features you'll love. Easy "wrap the pegs" threading is great but the 'easel' stand is the true innovation which will make your weaving so much easier than on a standard frame loom which you hold in your lap or balance against the edge of a table. And, while you're weaving you can have your beautiful work on display in your studio or living room where it will create a great conversation starter. GREAT GIFT

Three widths to choose from in a sweet kit with all the tools you'll need to get started if you are a newbie to tapestry weaving.

Meet the 
Easel Weaver, the new I-loom from Schacht Spindle Company! This versatile I-loom comes in 3 weaving widths, 6″, 8″, and 10″ and the warp can be wound for either 6 or 12 ends per inch. Whether you’re weaving a mini tapestry, a bracelet, or other small piece of fabric, the Easel Weaver is easy to use while warping and a pleasure to weave on.

Includes weaving sticks, weaving needles and shuttles.

Check out this video on the Easel Weaver.

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